Why did Amy quit the Dead Files

“The Dead Files,” a popular paranormal investigation show that has captivated audiences for years, took an unexpected turn when its co-host, Amy Allan, decided to step away from the series. Fans were left puzzled, wondering why she chose to leave the show that showcased her extraordinary psychic abilities alongside retired NYPD homicide detective, Steve DiSchiavi. In this article, we will explore the various factors that may have contributed to Amy Allan’s departure from “The Dead Files.”

  1. The Demanding Nature of Paranormal Investigations:

One of the primary reasons behind Amy Allan’s decision to leave “The Dead Files” could be the demanding and emotionally draining nature of paranormal investigations. The show required her to tap into her psychic abilities to connect with the spirits, often experiencing intense and disturbing visions. The constant exposure to such energies may have taken a toll on Allan’s well-being, leading her to prioritize her mental and emotional health.

  1. Personal and Professional Growth:

As with any career, individuals may seek new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth. After spending years on “The Dead Files,” Amy Allan might have felt the need to explore other avenues within the paranormal or psychic realm. Whether it be pursuing independent investigations, writing books, or engaging in public speaking, Allan may have chosen to broaden her horizons beyond the constraints of the television show.

  1. Creative Differences:

The departure of key personalities from a television show often involves behind-the-scenes dynamics that viewers may not be privy to. Creative differences between Amy Allan and the producers, directors, or fellow team members could have played a role in her decision to leave. Diverging opinions on the direction of the show, the portrayal of paranormal phenomena, or even the level of dramatization could have contributed to a parting of ways.

  1. Health Concerns:

Another plausible explanation for Amy Allan’s exit could be health-related issues. The stress and challenges associated with paranormal investigations may have impacted her physical health, prompting her to step back and prioritize self-care. Health concerns, whether disclosed publicly or kept private, can often be a significant factor in a person’s decision to leave a high-pressure job.

  1. Family and Personal Priorities:

In many instances, individuals choose to step away from their professional commitments to focus on family and personal priorities. Amy Allan, like anyone else, might have decided that the demands of her role on “The Dead Files” were interfering with her ability to spend time with loved ones or pursue personal interests outside of the paranormal realm. Family considerations and the desire for a better work-life balance could have factored into her decision.

  1. The Evolution of “The Dead Files”:

Television shows, especially those in the reality and documentary genres, often undergo changes in format, content, or style over the years. Amy Allan may have found herself at odds with the evolving vision of “The Dead Files.” Changes in storytelling, production, or the overall direction of the show might not have aligned with her preferences or expectations, influencing her decision to step away.


While fans of “The Dead Files” may feel a sense of loss with Amy Allan’s departure, it’s essential to acknowledge the complex factors that contribute to such decisions. Whether driven by the demanding nature of paranormal investigations, personal growth aspirations, creative differences, health concerns, or a combination of these elements, Allan’s exit opens a new chapter for both her and the show. Only time will reveal what lies ahead for Amy Allan and “The Dead Files,” leaving fans eager to see how the series will continue without its beloved psychic medium.

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