Types of recharge possible through Airtel Payment Bank

Airtel Payment Bank

Airtel PaymentsBank is the first Indian online payment website. It is a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel. You can make different payments using this platform. A list of all the payments that can be made using this website is given below;

Mobile recharge

You can make postpaid bill payment and prepaid recharges using your Airtel Payments Bank account. If you have an Airtel connection, you can do your Airtel online recharge easily. Just visit their official website and put your airtel number in the given box. Different Airtel Postpaid bill payment or Airtel recharge offers will be shown on the screen. Here, you need to select the most suitable Airtel recharge plan and proceed to make the payment. After the payment completion, your Airtel recharge is done.

Fastag recharge

FASTags have gained popularity over the past years. When you use one, the toll tax is deducted directly from your account, and you do not need to stop at every toll plaza. For FASTag recharge, you can use Airtel Payments Bank. You will get different recharge options along with a fair amount of discount.

DTH recharge

DTH connection enhances our TV-viewing experience. We get to enjoy many HD channels without any disturbance. For a long time, television has been a primary source of our daily entertainment. With a DTH connection, you can enjoy quality pictures and numerous channels. Recharging your DTH has also become easy with Airtel PaymentsBank. You just need to select your service provider’s name, browse different plans, and select the best one.

Electricity bill payment

Earlier, we had to stand in lines for hours to pay our electricity bills. But now, you can pay our bills within a minute. Airtel Payments Bank makes electricity bill payment easier and simpler. Go to their website and log in with your consumer ID. You can also view your bills and check the payment history. After getting the bill, one can make instant payments using their Airtel Payments Bank account. An E=receipt will be generated after successful payment.

Gas bill payment

You can also pay your gas bills using this website. Thus, you do not have to visit the gas provider each month. For this payment, you need to select your provider’s name and location. Just be following some easy steps, your payment will be done.

Water bill payment

Water is an essential supply. Paying water bills is important for a smooth water supply at your place. You can pay the water bill using Airtel Payments Bank very easily.

Insurance payment

We invest our money in different life insurance plans. One has to pay the premium monthly. With Airtel Payments Bank, you can successfully pay all your insurance premiums within time.

Landline bill payment

If you have a landline, use Airtel Payments Bank to pay its bills. Just go to their website and select your service provider and make the payment.

So, these are all the payment options that you get with Airtel Payments Bank. All transactions made here are very safe. So use this website and pay all bills without any hassle.

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