“ERROR Pii_email_74226b0abbcc00e1880f” Facts and Solutions.

ERROR Pii_email_74226b0abbcc00e1880f

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email system developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is one of the most known and famous email systems. Though mostly used for email, it also helps to manage personal information. It also helps us to send and receive emails at a better place. It helps to manage emails, calendars, and scheduled meetings and to share files.

Microsoft gives us the experience of a better email system. It makes it easier to share or transfer the files. So, it becomes one of the important parts of our communication. Mostly, in this era, we use emails not only for communication but also for transferring files and other important documents. But sometimes things don’t go as we want. And there occur some errors like PII errors which make it harder to process the email or communication.

PII errors

The word PII stands for personally identifiable information error.  These are the data that can provide personal information like Social security numbers, postal or email addresses, and Phone numbers. Which are mostly used as personal information. Other things like IP Address, Login ID, Posts, etc. are also include in personal information.

Errors like Pii_email_74226b0abbcc00e1880f mostly occur when there is some problem with Outlook and it does not do its job properly. These problems can maybe because of Microsoft’s older version, or not clearing caches and cookies, and using multiple accounts at a time. And without solving that problem we cannot proceed further.

Solutions of error

Every problem and error has its solution. To proceed, one needs to fix the error. In case of error Pii_email_74226b0abbcc00e1880f, or any other, it is necessary to solve it for further process. Of course, avoiding these kinds of errors is better than later worries. So, there are several ways or straightforward directions to avoid the Pii_email_74226b0abbcc00e1880f error:

1.  Repairing tool

First of all, to avoid the error Pii_email_74226b0abbcc00e1880f we can install or use the repairing tool. This tool not only solves the MS Outlook’s error but also others systems too. It is a useful program, as its name represents, it repairs the system’s problem to its normal. Repairing tools are most useful in these cases. It not just solves the problem but also informs the user about the issue. So, using repairing tools for solving problems is the most efficient way of avoiding errors.

2. Updating MS Window

Secondly, by updating the Microsoft Window we can avoid the error Pii_email_74226b0abbcc00e1880f from occurring. Sometimes errors occur due to the incompatibility of MS Window and Outlook. Updating a system is necessary as it gives new and better features to it.  All systems and programs update their versions to include the latest changes. Every new version of the program is better and more efficient than the previous one. So, it is necessary to update the older version to the latest version.

3. Clearing caches and cookies

Thirdly, sometimes errors like Pii_email_74226b0abbcc00e1880f appear on the computer screen because of not clearing the caches and cookies. Not clearing caches and cookies burden the program and make it slow or unresponsive. Abandon of these caches and useless cookies become the main reason for errors. So it is important to clear out the computer from these caches and cookies to avoid the error. Including the regular maintenance of computer also helps to avoid and fix the problem.

Other directions

In this regard, there are some other directions, which also help to avoid the errors and help to fix them. The directions which help the user to avoid the error are very easy. Like;

  • While using multiple accounts along with the program, it’s better to log out from all accounts and then log in again.
  • Sometimes there is a problem while downloading the program, MS Outlook, which causes the error. So, to fix the error uninstall the program and then reinstall it again.
  • Try to use the Microsoft Outlook Web version on the internet.
  • Try to use different Windows with different versions, like using Windows 7 and 8, instead of Windows 10.
  • Lastly, for further help, contact Microsoft support for more instructions.

These little but somewhat useful directions help the users to solve the problems, mostly. These easy directions are helpful to fix the problem but sometimes, problems are not that easy to be solved. In this case, it is better to ask for help from a professional rather than oneself.


Fixing problems are not so easy, especially when it comes to programming. So, to help the user to understand the problem and then giving them some easy solution is very important. Hopefully, these directions and ways to solve the problem will help fix the error Pii_email_74226b0abbcc00e1880f. These directions are not only for some specific errors but are also helpful for other errors. But if these directions are not very helpful or of any use then contact Microsoft for further help.

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