Lawn Care in Oakville


Lawn care is an essential element in keeping your yard healthy and beautiful. By taking time to plan and execute regular maintenance, you can ensure your lawn stays looking its best throughout all seasons.

If you are thinking about starting a lawn care business, there are a few things to take into account first. One of these is finding customers.

Fall Lawn Maintenance

As autumn begins to wind down, it is essential that you prepare your lawn for colder temperatures by giving it a thorough fall fertilization, core aeration and overseeding.

Maintaining your lawn will not only keep it looking its best for the coming spring and summer months, but can also cut down on yard work with Nutri-Lawn’s sprinkler systems.

As winter draws near, you may be considering putting away your outdoor furniture for the season. Before doing so, however, make sure that you give it one last deep clean to prevent rust and ensure that you can enjoy it again next year.

Winter Lawn Maintenance

Winter lawn maintenance is an essential step in keeping your outdoor space in top condition. This includes clearing away dead leaves and other debris that may collect moisture, creating a breeding ground for disease organisms.

Particularly if you live in a climate zone that experiences frequent snow or subfreezing temperatures, having an effective winter plan can mean the difference between having an attractive lawn and one full of weeds.

Winter lawn care not only includes trimming your grass before the first frost, but it can also involve prepping the soil to encourage healthy and vigorous growth. A professional lawn care company can assist you with this task by applying top-notch fertilizer to your yard and creating a water management strategy that keeps your turf happy throughout winter.

Spring Lawn Maintenance

Spring is the time of year when your lawn is ready for a fresh start. As the crocuses and daffodils start blooming, it’s time to take care of your yard and get it in prime condition for summer entertaining.

Raking in the early spring is essential for getting your lawn ready for new growth. This will eliminate any fallen leaves and thatch that have built up during the fall and winter.

In the springtime, you should inspect your soil for compaction. Compacted soil makes it difficult for grass to grow and should be avoided at all costs.

Organic fertilizers can also be an environmentally friendly choice when fertilizing your grass. Not only do these promote better soil structure and environmental sustainability, they help improve the structure of the turf as well.

Raking, aerating and overseeding are effective spring lawn maintenance practices to keep your grass healthy. If there are bare spots in your lawn, overseeding is an efficient way to fill them in and reduce weed growth there.

Summer Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care in Oakville is an essential element of keeping a home looking its best. Many local homeowners take this responsibility seriously and strive to keep their lawns in top condition throughout the year.

In the summer months, here are a few helpful tricks to achieve and maintain an attractive green lawn. In hot climates, it’s essential to water deeply but infrequently.

Lack of moisture can lead to wilted, dry or brown grass color and reduced root and shoot growth. As a result, your lawn may become more vulnerable to weeds and pests.

To improve the health of your lawn this summer, partner with a lawn care company to apply fertilizer specifically designed for summer use. Fertilizer helps your grass survive summer’s heat and drought conditions while stimulating strong growth that will last until fall.

Finally, water your lawn early in the morning to reduce wasteful evaporation. An inch of water per week is an effective rule of thumb for maintaining a lush, green lawn throughout the summer months.

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