Many business owners are unaware of the significance of utilizing software for energy brokers. Apart from the fact that energy brokers provide in-depth market expertise, they can also  provide strategic direction.

Energy suppliers also differ in the energy contracts, or ‘products’ they provide, each offering fixed contracts, flexible contracts, variable rates, block pricing, peak and off-peak, green energy and hybrids of the above. Each supplier will give slightly different terms and conditions for each contract and these will often contain clauses that can affect the final cost of the energy you buy. These will depend on wholesale gas and electricity prices at the time the prices are given and reflect different views of the future changes.

Energy brokers, equipped with specialized energy broker software, handle these intricacies on a daily basis. They  deal with these complexities and are able to analyze the energy market and provide detailed feedback on your best options in as much detail as you require.


Energy can be one of the most significant costs for businesses, with prices constantly increasing. An energy broker platform is an essential tool that can assist businesses in reducing their expenses and consumption. By utilizing the services of an energy management consultancy, you can optimize your energy usage and significantly decrease your expenditure. Advantages of working with an energy broker are;

●     It’s cheaper

.Energy brokers do more than just find the lowest cost energy. The best ones will take the time to understand the complexity of your operations, future business requirements, and resultant energy demands. the needs of finding the ‘cheapest’ contract rates on the day your renewal is due. A reputable energy brokerage software utilizes market knowledge and extensive experience in energy purchasing to efficiently save you valuable time, substantial money, and essential resources by;

  1. Compiling data to approach the supply market
  2. Searching the market for the most suitable gas and electricity contracts for your business
  3. Guiding you as to the drivers in the wholesale market to choose when to buy
  4. Negotiating prices and contractual terms on your behalf, clarifying terms and conditions
  5. Giving recommendations to guide your choice of new contract term, supplier, rate structure, etc.
  6. Obtaining credit clearance
  7. Setting up and managing multi-site contract
  • It’s easier

Not everyone is an expert on energy prices or the energy markets. Using a professional energy broker gives you access to market expertise without carrying the overhead in your business. Energy brokers will monitor your supplier contract and bills to ensure you are being charged the right amount for the energy you use. And if disputes arise, your broker can help resolve the matter on your behalf. Managing bills, contracts, and suppliers can be complicated. An energy broker can do this for you, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes

●     It’s less time-consuming

. The final complexity is timing – this is arguably the one element that can make the most difference to costs for business energy users. As wholesale energy prices constantly rise and fall, monitoring the market for dips can make a difference of thousands of dollars. Brokers can handle time-consuming management of supplier contracts. In addition, brokers stay ahead of the fast-changing world of the deregulated energy market by keeping track of regulatory changes, the latest technological advancements, and new charging structure.


When picking a program, think about:

  • Functionality: Look at what different programs offer and pick one that fits what your company needs. Think about things like analyzing data, watching the market, and making reports your way.
  • Integration: The program should fit into your current systems and how you work easily. Programs that come with APIs or connect with well-known energy systems are best.
  • Scalability: Think about if the program can deal with more data as your company grows. It should also let more users join in if needed.
  • Support and Training: Make sure the one who makes the software gives full help and training so your people can learn it fast. It’s important to have help that keeps on coming.
  • Tackle problems that pop up in everyday work.


When choosing the perfect energy broker for your business, it is essential to select a program that matches your specific requirements which caters for your distinct needs. With Enerclix energy broker software, we can assist you in navigating through the available options and selecting the ideal program for your business.

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