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Spare Tyre Safe

Did you ever wonder how much distance you can travel in that spare tyre that you always carry around with you inside your vehicle? In case you never did so, then it’s time to know about the same. A spare tyre, otherwise known as a stepney, is just an extra tyre stored inside your vehicle and is only meant to be used during emergencies, such as tyre puncture or burst. 

It’s possible to categorise spare tyres into two different types, such as:

  • Regular spare tyres
  • Donut or space-saver tyres

Even though you can find more sub-categories than the ones mentioned above, the aforementioned two are the primary ones out there. According to a professional service provider for wheel alignment in West Auckland, regular spare tyres tend to be of the same size as that of your regular wheels. On the other hand, space-savers are smaller in size than the regular ones. 

Regular Vs Space-Saver Spare Tyres

In case you have a regular spare tyre, then you can easily replace your punctured car tyre with the same, without any hesitations. But, do make sure that you repair your damaged one as quickly as possible because if you suffer another puncture or burst with the spare tyre, then you’d be out of luck. 

Alternatively, if you have a space-saver spare tyre, then you must remember that these tyres strictly provide you with temporary support, just so you can reach your nearest tyre repair shop – if your primary tyre gets damaged. Space-savers have restricted size, are compact & lightweight as well. However, there are certain limitations when using space-saver spare tyres. 

The primary limitation with space-savers is that – they are not as durable & solid as regular ones. This is because regular tyres contain multiple layers of polyester cords running underneath the tyre rubber, to provide the tyre with the necessary strength that it requires. But, space-savers have fewer polyester cords underneath the tyre rubber, making them less strong, lighter & smaller. 

Ultimately, space-savers have less traction (stopping ability). This means when you use space-saver spare tyres, your vehicle’s ABS (Anti-Braking System) & traction control will not work effectively as they should. Thus, you should never use space-saver spare tyres for nothing more than a temporary fix.

How To Properly Maintain Spare Tyres?

  • Always maintain the proper amount of air tyre pressure inside your spare tyres, so that you can ensure that it’s ready for usage whenever you need them. So, when you check the air pressure of your vehicle tyres, also check the air pressure of your spare tyre, simultaneously. 
  • Always keep your spare tyre clean, since accumulating dust can make the rim of your spare tyre corrode quickly. 

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