How to Get a Mugshot Removed: A Comprehensive Guide

remove the mugshots

A mugshot, also known as an arrest photo, is a photograph of a person taken from behind by a police officer. A mugshot is usually in color. It shows the face of the person and captures his or her features and the shape of his or her head. The photo may also include facial expressions and some other features. These things help law enforcement officials track down the people that they are looking for.

How to find your mugshots?

The first thing you must do to locate the mugshots of yourself is to know that you own a Google account. Log in to that account and check your “Search History” box. You will be able to see how many results you have received in the past by using your Google account. Now scroll down to “Page Image”. This will give you a list of your mugshots and the source of the photo.

Under “Search History” you will see that you have searched for photos of your mugshot on Google’s Image Search. At the very top of that list will be the mugshot you are currently viewing. If it is not the one you want to have removed from your search history, you will have to perform the search again.

How to get a mugshot removed?

Fortunately, you do not have to live with a mugshot for the rest of your life. However, it is a complicated process that might take days or weeks to complete. However, you can do it all online and get your mugshot removed from Google. Mugshots are not photos of people that they pull up on a screen. It is just a simple photograph taken of the person.

The best way to get your mugshot removed from Google is to get an attorney to submit a formal complaint. Some people do not want to bother with a lengthy and difficult process. However, in most cases, it will be best to consult with an attorney first.

Moreover, a person may be worried that a mugshot from a previous arrest might cause problems for them. The following tips will help anyone in that situation.

  • Find the criminal record of the person that was arrested.
  • Ask to see the mugshot.
  • Ask if they can change it.
  • Know what mugshot removal services are available.

Why You Should Remove a Mugshot from Google?

Many law enforcement agencies use mugshots to identify criminals. Many people are unhappy with their mugshots because they believe that these mugshots may end up being used against them when they are not guilty of a crime. This is a very real problem and one that is caused by the complete absence of accountability on the part of police officers.


Mugshots have been around for quite some time and have been used for many purposes. They have been used by law enforcement officials to arrest people for their crimes, to identify people who may be wanted by the authorities, and to display mugshots as part of the law enforcement agency’s online presence. In addition, mugshots can help people locate people who they may have an interest in when it comes to employment opportunities and educational offerings.

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