Electrical Companies in Toronto

electrical companies

When in Toronto, it is essential to locate an electrical companies in toronto with expertise and a good reputation. These companies can handle everything from minor repairs to major rewiring projects.

For over 50 years, The Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance – sponsored by the Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association and IBEW LU 353 – has been actively recruiting and selecting pre-apprentices for the electrical trade.

Canadian Electric

Canada’s electrical utilities supply energy to industrial, commercial and residential customers across the country. From power generators and transmission companies to electric marketers, Canadian Electric members create and distribute the electricity that drives our economy.

Canadian utility services are being transformed by a number of disruptive forces, including advances in clean energy technologies, regulatory modernization and an increasing reliance on storage.

Canada, despite having high installed capacity margins, will need additional generation and transmission investment after 2030 to keep up with growing demands for transport, industry and residential heating. According to the Canadian Climate Institute, that means generating capacity must be 1.6 to 2.1 times larger in 2050 than it is today.

The Canadian electrical industry is composed of a mix of investor, municipal and provincial ownership. While certain provinces host the major utilities, other parts of Canada have small investor-owned utilities that own and operate their own generating capacity.

Toronto Wiring

Toronto Wiring is a GTA-based electrical services provider that specializes in home wiring installation, service and repair. With over 27 years of experience serving the GTA area and an extensive warranty on repairs, they also carry WSIB coverage as well as business liability insurance. Toronto Wiring offers upfront prices for their services and is accessible 24/7 for emergencies. You can count on their team for high quality work and personalized customer service – you won’t find better!

Aluminum wiring in homes is no longer accepted as an acceptable home wiring method by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. It’s recommended that homeowners with aluminum wiring consult with certified electricians to have their entire system assessed and certified. Without proper inspection, aluminum wire could develop gaps and become exposed to air, potentially leading to arcing or fires – in severe cases it may even result in death and serious injuries.

EC Services Inc.

EC Services Inc., located in the DFW metroplex, is an elite electrical contractor specializing in substation and transmission work. Their taiga tower houses one of the biggest transformers in the area. Beyond their impressive name, they boast an impressive ten year track record of success within this industry. Using advanced technologies for wiring work, they are known for their meticulous attention to detail, quality control procedures and on-site safety programs; making EC Services Inc. a top choice for your next project! This GCQ certified company should be your go-to choice when looking for an experienced electrical contractor for any size job!

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