Best CPU Coolers For 12600k Recommended By PC Up

This article for the best CPU cooler for I5-12600k is to control the temperature of the 12600K CPU. We must therefore first know his conception of food. The Core i5 12600K has a TDP of 125W which means you should select a CPU cooler with a TDP of 125W or higher to maintain its temperature and if you plan to subject this CPU to over-clocking there is many options available in the market, which we have covered in this guide. Another thing to note is that like all of Intel’s other unlocked processors, the 12600K package does not include a free cooler, so you should select an aftermarket cooler for optimum temperature.

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Noctua NH-U12S:-

Accompanied by a large airflow, the Noctua NH-U12S has a set of 4 copper pipes firmly soldered from the heatsink to the copper base. Not to mention that the nickel plating makes the whole cooler nice and solid. The heatsink is horizontally aligned with the cooler and has aluminum fins to make the whole assembly lighter and increase the dissipation rate.

The Noctua NH-U12S has a TDP rating of 140W, which guarantees lower temperatures when used with the Core i5 12600K on serial clocks. This cooler also has a small margin for OC which makes Noctua NH-U12S the best value CPU cooler for i5-12600K.

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360:-

PC Up don’t recommend buying a 360mm AIO for the 12600K unless you want to push the processor to its limits or want absolutely silent performance since 360mm AIOs are completely oversized for this processor. If you intend to test the OC limits of your 12600K, the best choice at the moment is the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360mm. All the good things we said about its smaller cousin still hold true for the 360mm model. The best thing about the Liquid Freezer II 360mm is its price, which is lower than many 240mm AIOs. Again, in case Arctic doesn’t include it in the box by the time you read this, you must order the LGA 1700 mounting bracket separately from Arctic, free of charge with proof of purchase.

Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4:-

The Dark Rock Pro4 is undoubtedly one of the best coolers on the market. Thanks to numerous tests and reviews on this cooler, it has gained popularity. The Dark Rock Pro 4 is a CPU cooler that was designed for quietness and performance. It comes with two Silent Wings PWM fans, which are virtually inaudible, and it has a funnel-shaped frame for higher air pressure on the front fan. The Dark Rock Pro 4 only reaches 24.3 Db (A) at full fan speed, making it one of the quietest coolers on the market.

It is equipped with seven high-performance copper heat pipes and air-optimized cooling fins to dissipate heat efficiently. Cutouts are also provided for memory compatibility. This cooler is also quite simple to install, thanks to the black installation kit that can be installed from the top. The brushed aluminum top cover with a diamond shaped finish gives this cooler a unique look and feel.

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