All Best Cell Phone with Several Advantages and Disadvantages

A cell phone plays an important role in our daily life. It also became a part of our daily life. A cell phone has advantages and disadvantages too. Some people use cell phone for positive purposes according to their need and these positive uses we will discuss here. There are also negative uses too. Many people use mobile phone for negative purposes like wasting their time in playing games and listening music and songs and many other uses that we will also discuss below.

Advantages of cell phone

Online shopping from Cell Phone

An advantage of using cell phone is that, it saves lots of time in shopping from cell phone. You can buy or purchased anything you want. Just click on your mobile phone and that thing you ordered at your door step.

Take photos and videos from Cell Phone

You can take pictures from you smartphone or cell phone to capture your great memories with family or friends. This facility of mobile phone is fantastic because we cannot forget our memories instead of losing our happier moments. The cell phones of current era are very high quality cell phones and their camera result is awesome.

Maintain health and stay fit with your cell phone

If you want to become a fit person, you should download workout apps from google or play store and start learning exercises to become fitter and strong.

When you become a fit person and maintain your fitness, there is no one to irritate you and your health stays with you for the long time enough. The process of download an app is so easy. You should go on google play store and write workout apps and your mobile phone shows result.


There are many disadvantages of using cell phone as there were advantages of mobile phone. Some disadvantages of cell phone are as follows:

Cell phone keeps us away from our beloved ones

The main disadvantage of using a cell phone is that it creates more distance to us and our family or relatives. While using a mobile phone, we do not listen anyone. Just because of cell phone.

Cell phone is the cause of road accidents

Another disadvantage is that due to the use of mobile phone there may be many accident happen. Firstly, we should not use cell phone while driving a car, bike or any vehicle.  Because if we use mobile phone while driving a car and there is no time we crashed into someone and we do not realized about this minor type of mistake.

Using of cell phone can impact your mental health

There are many disadvantages of using a cell phone. Mobile phones can harm our mental health with continuously using mobile phone. It can also damage your eye sight too because of harmful radiations from its screen. If you spent most of time on social media like Facebook, your mental health affected due to continuously using cell phone.

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