Best Windows Laptop of 21st century

Windows Laptop

There are various types of laptops with variety of features and different types of prices are available in the market. Although, there are many best laptops in 2021. But the top most laptop is MacBook Air. It does everything that require to user. It provides almost all features but it is best for browsing, gaming etc.

MacBook Air

One of the best windows laptop is MacBook Air. It is the best ever laptop of 2021. If you want to buy a great featured laptop, you should be trying MacBook Air. It is expensive but more features it has. Its prices approximately 1000 US dollars.

Its battery timing is also awesome that does not disappointed its user. It provides long lasting battery with almost eight to ten hours. There is no disturbing in your work if you have the best ever windows laptop and that is MacBook Air.


Now we discuss another best windows laptop. MacBook pro is also another best ever laptop in the 21st century. MacBook size is about 16-inch and it is most powerful windows laptop ever. If you have suitable money to buy this laptop then you should buy and enjoy all features of it.

Its battery is long time partner. The user can do anything on this type of laptop more comfortable and in easier way. Many laptops have so many problems and users also complaints them but in this case of MacBook pro there is no problem in this windows laptop and there is no complaints from the users because it has many features and there is no possibility of any tape of complaints.


Spectre x360 14 is included in the best windows laptop. Its look gorgeous and attracted. Spectre x360 14 is a latest eleventh generation processor. Its battery timing is also longtime partner. It is running about 10 hours. Its battery contributes a lot with its owner to perform his tasks or all other kind of assignments. The price of Spectre x360 14 is less than MacBook laptop and it provide two in one best quality of 2021. The price in the market is 1400 US dollars but in current time its price in the market is 22% off. Now its current price is 1100 US dollars. If user want quality product and work on spectre x360 14, the user never disappointed of choosing this type of best windows laptop.


Asus is one of the best windows laptop in the current century 2021. Its price is cheaper than other type of laptops. Asus chromebook flip cx5 is cheaper than MacBook, MacBook pro and it is also cheaper than Spectre x360 14. It has built in functions. It is the eleventh generation laptop and long lasting battery also. Its charging capacity is also better and quick.  The best windows laptop with 15-inch chromeback. Its sound system is just awesome and better to listen. Its keyboard is smoothly to press by the user.

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