Top Rated Pest Control Services

Are you having trouble keeping pests out of your home? It may be time to contact a professional. But which company should you select?

To determine the most reliable and top rated pest control services, consider checking certifications and customer service ratings. These factors will help you narrow down your choices and identify potential providers.

  1. Terminix

Terminix is a well-respected pest control service that offers year-round protection. Their technicians use tested solutions backed by nearly a century of expertise and know-how, plus they provide 24/7 customer service to ensure complete peace of mind for their customers.

Terminix Pest Control specializes in termite control, but they also handle a wide range of common bugs and rodents. Customers can receive a complimentary inspection from one of their specialists who will determine which treatments are necessary.

Prices may differ based on the size of a home and which plan is selected. They also take into account factors like location and season, which could require more frequent treatments.

Customers may request an estimate for the cost of a specific treatment or plan by contacting their local branch. They may also call their corporate customer support line at any time to get more information.

  1. Home Team Pest Defense

Home Team Pest Defense, headquartered in Dallas, is the third largest residential pest control service provider in America. It boasts an enviable reputation for offering industry-leading customer service and high-quality products.

The company provides pest control and termite protection to homeowners, as well as pre-construction services for home builders.

Home Team offers traditional pest and termite control services as well as Taexx, an integrated pest control system installed in 1.5 million new homes by more than 1,000 home builders. This solution is specifically designed to target household pests at their source of entry.

This system utilizes tubes running throughout designated walls to target pests at their point of entry. Professionals distribute efficient pest control treatments from locked service ports on the exterior of the home, with low installation costs, no impact on building cycle time and high perceived value among homebuyers.

  1. Greenway Pest Control

Are you in need of some assistance keeping your home and family pest-free? Greenway can do just that with ease, while still displaying the professionalism befitting of such an important investment. They guarantee to eliminate pest problems quickly while offering professional solutions tailored to fit into any budget. The company provides a broad selection of services, from residential to commercial, and has earned an excellent reputation for delivering quality results on schedule and within budget. Visit their website for more information on their cutting-edge service options and pest control technology. They offer an array of eco-friendly products and services, as well as a sleek mobile app. Located in Albuquerque’s heartland, you can reach them via phone or email for further inquiries; they’re open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm for customer inquiries.

  1. Termite Control

Termite Control offers a comprehensive suite of services, such as pest inspections, eradication treatments and ongoing monitoring for termites. Their technicians are certified in using EPA-approved chemicals and supported by an excellent customer support team.

The most crucial step in protecting against termites is eliminating access points and making sure they do not enter your home. This includes cracks and crevices in your foundation as well as other potential entry points for these pests.

Eliminating moisture in soil around your property is a major defense against termites. This could include fixing plumbing leaks, correctly grading the soil, and avoiding damp wood or other materials that might provide food sources for these pests.

Termite baits are another widely-used treatment method, which combine cellulose-based food with a slow-acting chemical lethal to termites. These stations are usually installed underground but can also be used aboveground.

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