Londonbased 32m Serieslomastechcrunch

Londonbased 32m Serieslomastechcrunch

London-based Series Loma, a tech startup specializing in providing innovative solutions to businesses and consumers, has recently announced that it has raised $32M in its latest round of funding, according to a report by TechCrunch. This marks a major milestone for the company, which has been growing steadily over the last few years. This latest funding round will help Series Loma not only expand into new markets, but also develop new products and services.

Overview of Series Loma

Series Loma is a London-based tech startup that specializes in providing innovative solutions to businesses and consumers. Founded in 2016, the company has quickly grown in stature and has been expanding into new markets. Series Loma offers a wide range of products and services, ranging from artificial intelligence to big data analytics. The company is also known for its commitment to customer service and providing the highest quality solutions to its customers.

TechCrunch Funding Round Details

According to a report by TechCrunch, Series Loma has recently raised $32M in its latest funding round. This marks the largest funding round received by the company to date and will be used to further expand and grow the business. The funding was provided by a variety of investors, including venture capitalists, angels, and institutional investors.

Series Loma’s Plan for Investment

Series Loma plans to use the funding to expand into new markets and develop new products and services. The company has also stated that it will be investing in research and development, as well as hiring more personnel to help with the growth of the business.

Impact of TechCrunch Investment

The investment from TechCrunch will have a major impact on Series Loma and its future. The company will be able to expand its operations and develop new products and services that will benefit both businesses and consumers. Additionally, the funding will allow Series Loma to hire more personnel and invest in research and development activities, which will help the company stay ahead of the competition.


Series Loma’s recent funding round is a major milestone for the company and will help it to grow and expand into new markets. The funding will also allow the company to develop new products and services and invest in research and development. With the help of this investment from TechCrunch, Series Loma should be able to continue its success for many years to come.

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