How You Can Increase Range Of WiFi? With 10 Ways


Do you know how you can get the best range of WiFi? If your answer is ‘NO’ then in this article you will know about this. So, read this article carefully,

These are the 10 ways by which you extend the range of WiFi-

Get a Half-way Location For Your Router

When you place your router near to the exterior walls then it doesn’t give you much more range and coverage. Just try to place a position of your router in the central area of your home. After this, you will get a strong signal in all directions of your home. Join the ethernet cable to a wall port or modem to put the plug back in it.

Locate Foil Paper On The Corner Of Router

Foil paper may also reflect the WiFi signal in which direction you want it to go. Fold a piece of aluminum foil paper around something rounded. As water and soda bottles help you to give shape to it. Take a piece of the foil paper and place it vertically on one side of the router to prevent the WiFi signal from going in that direction. For just taking an example:- If you don’t want to absorb the WiFi signal by a wall or window then set the foil paper between the wall or router.

Purchase New WiFi Extender

WiFi extender extends the range of the WiFi signal to the long way area. You can buy a new WiFi extender online or from any electronic store. If you are confused regarding the setup of an extender then don’t worry we are here for you go to the Wavlink extender setup guide and follow the instructions carefully.

Change 2.4GHz Band To 5GHz Band

The 2.4GHz band easily passes through walls and increases the range of WiFi. Many routers have 2.4 and 5GHz bands that you can join separately. Check the available WiFi networks from the WiFi list and select your own network and connect to it.

If you do not see your WiFi network in the Wifi list then open a web browser and type in the address bar of the web browser. After that, you will enter the login page of router settings. Now you can change the 2.4GHz band to the 5GHz band manually to get the best speed and range of the router.

But you must know that the 5GHz band only gives you a strong WiFi signal but it does not pass through the walls. So that it does not provide you with the best WiFi range.

Update The Software Of Router

When you update the firmware of your router it might improve the overall performance of the router. Search online for your router model to see if there are any updates regarding the software of the extender. You can see updates on our official website You will go to the setting of the router and see an option labeled ‘Software Updates’ or something similar. Download the firmware update file on your router and make it complete before trying your router again.

Try To Reboot Your Router

A strong restart feels refreshed on your router after this router works better. Turn off your router when you are trying to connect to the WiFi. Put out the plug of the router from the power socket and leave it alone for 30 seconds until its complete powers down. Now put the plug of the router back in it and also read about wavlink AC1200 setup.

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