How Old is Moana?

Moana is a beloved Disney character who has become a household name since her debut in the 2016 movie of the same name. But how old is she? In this article, we will explore the question of Moana’s age and look at the various perspectives that can be taken when answering this question.

Moana’s Age in the Movie

The answer to how old is Moana actually varies depending on what source you consult. In the 2016 Disney movie, Moana is shown to be 16 years old at the start of her voyage. This is confirmed in dialogue from the movie, where Maui tells Moana that she is the “little girl” he met 16 years ago.

Moana’s Age in the Books

The books based on the movie show Moana to be the same age as she is in the movie, 16. This is supported by the dialogue between Moana and Te Ka where Te Ka says that Moana is still a “little girl”.

Moana’s Age in Other Media

In other media, such as the video games and the comic books, Moana is shown to be slightly older than 16. This is likely due to her having had more time to grow and mature while the stories in the books and movie remain the same.

Moana’s Age From a Fan Perspective

From the perspective of fans, Moana’s age is often seen as being 18. This is likely due to the fact that Moana is typically portrayed as an adult in fan art, fanfiction, and other fan creations. This is not an official answer to the question, but it is a common fan perception of Moana’s age.


In conclusion, the answer to how old is Moana depends on the source. In the movies, books, and other media, Moana is typically portrayed as 16 years old. However, from a fan perspective, Moana is often seen as being 18. Ultimately, the answer to this question is up to the individual, and everyone is free to make their own opinion on Moana’s age.

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