Everything You Need to Know About’ Wheel of Fortune Buy A Vowel Boards

wheel of fortune buy a vowel boards

wheel of fortune buy a vowel boards a popular game show since its first airing in 1975, and over the decades, it has become a staple of pop culture. One of the most iconic game elements is the famous “Buy A Vowel” board, which allows contestants to purchase vowels in order to solve the puzzle. Here, we’ll explore the history and components of the Wheel of Fortune “Buy A Vowel” board, the strategy behind the board, and helpful tips for players.

The History of the Wheel of Fortune “Buy A Vowel” Board

wheel of fortune buy a vowel boards in 1975 as part of NBC’s daytime programming block. Created by Merv Griffin, the show was an adaptation of the game Hangman and featured three contestants competing for cash and prizes by solving word puzzles. In the game, contestants spun a wheel divided into sectors with various dollar amounts. When a contestant had their turn, they would then pick a consonant from the board. If that letter was in the word puzzle, they would earn money or prizes. Later on, contestants were given the chance to buy vowels with their winnings, thus giving birth to the “Buy A Vowel” board.

Originally, the prize for guessing a letter correctly was a token, which could later be redeemed for cash or a prize. However, after the success of its initial run, the show moved to syndication in 1983 and was revamped with the Buy A Vowel board and several other updates. By 1985, the show had become the number one syndicated game show, a title it still holds to this day.

Components of the Wheel of Fortune “Buy A Vowel” Board

The Wheel of Fortune “Buy A Vowel” board consists of five columns labeled with the five vowels. The player must choose from one of the five vowel columns to buy the vowel. Once a vowel is selected, the player must pay a certain price to purchase the letter. The price is determined by the wedge value of the wheel at the time. The player is given five chances to buy a vowel.

The board also includes two smaller boards, one with a picture of the wheel and the other with the letters and categories of the puzzle. The picture of the wheel shows the contestants how much money they will earn and which rounds they can buy vowels in. The letters and categories board is a list of each letter in the puzzle and which category the phrase falls under. This board allows contestants to determine how many letters of each type are in the puzzle.

The Strategy Behind the Wheel Of Fortune “Buy A Vowel” Board

The Wheel of Fortune “Buy A Vowel” board can either be used as a way to secure more money or to increase the chances of solving the puzzle. Players who choose to buy vowels should do so strategically. There are a few tips that can help players determine which vowel to buy.

First, players should look for consonants that can easily be guessed as these can be used to help narrow down the vowel options. For example, if the puzzle contains the letter “M”, then the player can assume that the vowels in the puzzle will include either an “A” or an “E”. Then, the player can buy the vowel that they feel is most likely to appear in the puzzle, such as an “A”.

Tips For Playing the Wheel Of Fortune “Buy A Vowel” Board

Playing the Wheel of Fortune “Buy A Vowel” board can be a tricky task, but with the right tips, players can have an edge. Here are a few helpful tips for playing the board:

First, it is important to remember that the price of the vowel decreases if you land on a wedge that is labeled with a high dollar amount. Additionally, it is important to remember that players are only allowed to buy vowels five times in a given round. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the vowel chosen is the best option.

It is also important to be aware of the categories of the puzzle. Knowing the types and number of words in the puzzle can help players narrow down the letter selection and increase the chances of guessing the right letter.

Finally, it is important to practice with puzzles. The more familiar players become with the structure and language of Wheel of Fortune puzzles, the easier it will be to make the correct guesses.

By understanding the history and components of the Wheel of Fortune “Buy A Vowel” board and following some of the strategies and tips discussed, contestants can increase their chances of solving the puzzle and winning big.


In conclusion, wheel of fortune buy a vowel boards offer a unique and fun way to practice vowels, spelling, and grammar. Playing this game provides an enjoyable way to learn and practice phonics and spelling, which is important for all learners. Investing in a wheel of fortune buy a vowel board is a great way to build confidence in students, improve their reading skills, and enhance their vocabulary.

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