Does Your Mac Need a New Battery? Here are The Signs

Mac Need a New Battery

Apple’s range of Macs consists of top-tier portable as well as desktop computers that offer unrivaled performance. Apple’s portable laptops are called MacBooks, which feature different variants, including the cost-efficient MacBook Airs and the high-performance MacBook Pros.

Besides offering exceptional performance along with robust exteriors, MacBooks are also famous for offering amazing battery life to users. Many users wonder how long should a MacBook Pro battery last. Although their batteries’ performance varies based on their configuration and usage, MacBooks, especially the high-end MacBook Pro, users can easily get 10-17 hours of usage time after a single charge.

However, there are instances when MacBooks do not last long enough due to battery-related issues. There are numerous signs that indicate that a MacBook’s battery needs to be replaced. If you own a MacBook and are noticing the following signs, it may be time for you to get a battery replacement:

  • Battery Starts Depleting Faster Than Usual

MacBooks are equipped with long-lasting batteries that remain in excellent form for years. However, at the end of the day, they are still batteries whose efficiency drops after years of continuous usage. Therefore, when a battery starts losing charge quicker than before,

It is a sign that the user needs to replace the pre-equipped battery with a fresh, new one. In some cases, figuring out that the battery’s charge is depleting rapidly is easy. On the other hand, there are times when users are confused about whether it is the battery that is causing the issue or another factor, such as malfunctioning apps, internal processes, etc.

In such cases, individuals should use a timer to determine the battery charge’s duration after disabling the suspected apps or processes. If the charge still depletes rapidly, it would be best to replace the battery.

  • MacBook Has Been Through Too Many Charging Cycles

Although MacBooks offer top-notch longevity and durability, they are not designed to last forever. Irrespective of the MacBook variant an individual owns, it is designed to hold the charge properly for approximately 1000 charge cycles.

Since it is not possible for users to manually track their charging cycles, Macs’ “Health Information” section allows users to check the “Cycle Count.” If the cycle count exceeds 1000, it might be time for users to consider getting their Mac’s battery replaced with a new one.

  • A Battery Service Warning Appears in the Battery Percentage Section

One of the clearest indications that a MacBook’s battery needs replacement is the battery service warning. The battery percentage of a MacBook is displayed on the top-right corner of the screen.

If you click on it and see phrases like “Replace Soon” or “Replace Now,” it is a clear message that you need to take your MacBook to an authorized Apple service center and get the existing battery replaced since it is not functioning properly.

  • MacBook Starts Overheating Even When Performing Simple Tasks

Macs come equipped with top-tier internal components that facilitate users to perform even the most graphics-intensive tasks with ease. Although they heat up slightly when performing multiple heavy tasks simultaneously, such as rendering a high-quality video and browning the web, the heat emitted is negligible.

However, if a MacBook is heating immensely even when the user is performing simple tasks like navigating through files and folders or watching a movie, it may be a sign of a deteriorated battery. If this happens, users should immediately get their MacBook’s battery replaced since procrastinating may result in the battery exploding and causing harm.

  • MacBook Shuts Down Unexpectedly

MacBooks featuring batteries with exceptional health perform seamlessly without users needing to plug in the charging cable. However, MacBooks often shut down unexpectedly if there are issues with the battery.

If this frequently happens, especially after charging it, it might be because the battery has moved past its expiry date. Therefore, replacing the battery as soon as possible would be best. Doing so will not only prevent the laptop from shutting down abruptly but also restore the device’s performance.

  • MacBook Starts Lagging or Stuttering

Most MacBooks, especially the latest ones, are designed to deliver exceptional performances. In almost every use case, they do not exhibit lags or stutters. If a new variant of a MacBook is exhibiting such issues, it may be related to the battery not being able to keep up with the other internal components present inside the device.

When this happens, it not only deteriorates the device’s overall health but also decreases users’ productivity. Hence, once users have confirmed that the cause of the issues is the battery, they should get it replaced at an authentic Apple service center.

Batteries are one of the, if not the most important, components of MacBooks since they facilitate the powerful devices to power up and function normally. Hence users need to ensure that they take good care of their Mac’s battery and get it replaced when they notice any of the aforementioned signs.

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