7 Ways Schools Can Use Bulk SMS to Streamline Processes

Texting is a no in classrooms, but it is one crucial tool for the institution’s administration. From staff communication to keeping parents informed, bulk SMS is a reliable and trustworthy tool that is both cost-efficient and highly effective.

By outsourcing this service to an Bulk SMS provider, schools can efficiently streamline their operations by sending out different types of messaging, including:

  1. Emergency notifications

With the high read rates of up to 98%, text messages are the most effective way of letting parents know of any emergencies, requirements, or crises that may affect their children.

A bulk SMS provider should be the go-to for sending out hundreds or thousands of messages to parents. It is the most suitable solution for urgent notifications.

  1. School Fee Reminders

Today’s busy lifestyle has left many parents with a lot on their minds. It is not uncommon for them to forget the due dates for paying school fees.

Schools can, therefore, use bulk SMS to send out quick reminders to parents. It isone sure way of ensuring that parents have no missed payments. Such notifications also help parents keep track of their accounts.

  1. Reminders for Parent-Teacher Meetings

It is often tough to coordinate parent-teacher meetings, not to mention remember them in the first place. With SMS, schools can save time by sending parents reminders for the meetings.

The reminders should include the agenda, date, time, and venue o the meeting. Similarly, you can schedule appointment reminders so that parents always remember their meetings.

  1. School Closure Information

Over the last two years, many schools have realized closures, changes in opening and closing dates, and frequent holidays.

Throughout this period, SMS has kept schools and teachers connected, letting them know of any developments, closure dates and times.

In addition, with the unprecedented changes in the education sector, changing curriculums, and many school requirements, SMS allows for a reliable and quick method for communicating time-sensitive information.

  1. Exams and test results

Schools can also use SMS to send individual results to students quickly and affordably. Some schools release results first through SMS because of its efficiency and reliability.

Given that students at home can easily access mobile phones, including their parents’, SMS lets they know how they performed and when they will receive their official results and transcripts.

  1. Confidential Communications

Certain instances require teachers to hold confidential meetings or communication with parents.This is sometimes regarding a child’s health,poor performance, and problems with school fees, among others.

Through SMS, school administrators can achieve such confidentiality effortlessly. School heads can also book appointments with relevant teachers and parents regarding such inconveniences.

  1. Event Updates

Bulk messaging makes for an effective channel for updating everyone involved when new events are coming up, be it sports, AGMs, PTA meetings, or board meetings.

Even during last minutes changes, bulk SMS can keep everyone in the loop and inform them of the new dates and venues.

Has Your School Considered Bulk SMS Yet? Get Started Today

There are diverse needs for communicationin the education sector. From staff comms to students and parents reach outs, the right channel for conveying information is essential.

SMS is an excellent example of an almost perfect channel that is not only fast but exceptionally reliable. This is enhanced by the fact that all parents have mobile phones, and SMS doesn’t require internet connectivity to be delivered.

And while it is daunting to send bulk SMS to hundred or thousands of parents without wasting time and resources, using a bulk SMS provider is highly recommended.

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