Bracelet – A unique gift for valentine’s day

One doesn’t need a special day to show appreciation to the person you love. In fact, one must appreciate them every chance they get. However, there is Valentine’s Day when you can go all out and show your appreciation more openly. Valentine’s is a special day when you can get special gifts and messages delivered to the person you romantically love. Jewellery makes a perfect gift as men and women have enjoyed adorning themselves. Also, they cost quite a pretty penny and it shows how important one is to the giver. And bracelets are something that you can give to anyone you love. They are versatile pieces and can always be worn. Here are some styles of bracelets that can make great gifts for men and women.

Cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelets are designed like cuffs – a rigid bracelet that may be open or closed. Open bracelets have a ball on each end so they are secure on the hand. But in some designs, the ends may just be a few centimetres apart and it is not a fully closed design. A closed cuff may be snapped shut or it may be fully closed so you slide it on. These bracelets can be simple metal bands or have engravings on them. They can be more striking with diamonds or other precious stones embedded on them. If the bracelet is broad enough, you can have a personal message engraved on it. Men or women can sport cuff bracelets and look good with it.

Chain and clasp bracelet

A chain and clasp bracelet is a common bracelet design and has a lot of scope for modifications. The chain can have a traditional shape or have twists in between. It can have diamonds studded or be a plain chain. Various natural-coloured stones can be added to gold or silver to create stunning pieces. A chain bracelet can be worn by both women and men and make perfect gifts too.

Classic Tennis bracelet

The classic diamond tennis bracelet has stood the test of time and still remains popular. A row of diamonds placed close together on a metal base is a tennis bracelet. This design can also be modified to include different stones and have more than a single chain. Multiple rows of diamonds can also create the same design. This looks really nice on hands. If you want something that will always be loved by the receiver, then choose the tennis bracelet.

Bangle bracelet

The bangle bracelet doesn’t have an opening and it is fully closed. They come in various sizes – varying widths and shapes. Some can be round and some are oval, while some are slim and others are wider. A bangle bracelet can be wide and opulent with engravings and stones. It can also be a simple slim bracelet that you wear daily. Again, a bangle bracelet is versatile and can be worn by both men and women. It can be customized with various stones and patterns depending on individual preferences.

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