Berlin-Based Zenjob 50m Aragonlomastechcrunch

Berlin-Based Zenjob 50m Aragonlomastechcrunch

Berlin-based Zenjob is the latest up-and-coming gig economy platform to make headlines. Recently, Zenjob has achieved a milestone of great importance – the company has successfully concluded a deal with both Aragon and Loma that sees the tech players buy 50 million USD of stock from Zenjob. This article provides an in-depth analysis of this latest move and its possible implications on Zenjob’s future prospects.

Overview of Zenjob

Zenjob is a Berlin-based tech platform that specializes in connecting employers with jobseekers in the so-called ‘gig economy’. Founded in 2015, the platform currently has an impressive reach in the European market, covering countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It also has ambitions to expand its services worldwide.

Zenjob offers a wide range of services for employers and job seekers alike. It boasts a network of over 130,000 employers, who rely on the platform’s lightning-fast and efficient job matching solutions. Employers can also use a sophisticated system of metrics to evaluate jobseekers in real-time, helping them make better decisions when it comes to hiring. For job seekers, Zenjob has an easy-to-use mobile app that provides one-click job-searching solutions.

The company has made numerous efforts to stay ahead of the competition, such as launching specialized services to support businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Over the last few years, Zenjob has enjoyed impressive growth and has become a true powerhouse in the gig economy.

Overview of the Deal with Aragon and Loma

On the 10th of April 2021, Zenjob announced it had reached an agreement with key players Aragon and Loma to sell 50 million USD of stock in the company. This is the biggest investment of the two firms in a gig economy platform yet, and it promises to further solidify Zenjob’s dominance in the European market.

Aragon and Loma, who jointly own over 50% of the company, are two of the leading tech investors in Europe. They have a long history of investing in young, innovative companies, and this deal is yet another example of their ambition to support entrepreneurs.

The deal is scheduled to be finalize in March 2022 and will provide the companies with a number of strategic benefits. For starters, it will allow Zenjob to secure additional funds to expand its operations and outpace its competitors. Secondly, it will provide the companies with a better foothold in the gig economy and will increase their influence over the industry.

Impact Assessment

The 50 million USD venture is sure to have a huge impact on the future of Zenjob and the European gig economy. Firstly, the funds will provide much-needed capital to expand Zenjob’s operations and make it an even bigger rival to other platforms. Additionally, the investment will help the company increase its presence in European markets and allows it to offer more services.

Furthermore, the move will come as a huge confidence boost to Zenjob and its employees. The company will now have access to a larger pool of resources and can rest assured that it has partners in Aragon and Loma that will provide additional support as needed.

Lastly, the agreement is likely to have a ripple effect within the tech sector in Europe. It will draw the attention of other investors who are looking to inject funds into tech companies. Moreover, it will cause other companies to examine their strategies more carefully and make decisions that could help them remain competitive.


Zenjob’s recent 50 million USD agreement with Aragon and Loma is sure to completely change the face of the gig economy in Europe. It provides the company with a much-needed financial buffer and allows it to expand its operations quicker than ever. Furthermore, the deal will inspire other investors and tech companies to re-look at their strategies in order to remain competitive. All in all, this could be a true game-changer for Zenjob and the industry.

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