10 Most Frequently Asked App Marketing Questions…and the Answers!


Mobile marketing efforts are expected to reach $400 billion by 2024 as more people use their phone to go online. This means that both the competition and opportunity for app development are at an all-time high.

If you want to stand out and reach your clientele then you have to understand marketing strategies for mobile.

Use these 10 app marketing questions to get started.

1. What is Your App’s Niche?

Before you begin building your app and creating your marketing plan you need to first identify your niche. A niche is a segment of a larger market that focuses on a specific service or line of products.

2. Who is Your Target Audience?

Once you know your niche then you can determine your audience. By creating an avatar for your business you will be able to understand their needs and desires.

3. What Problems Will Your App Solve?

Mobile marketing should always involve solving a problem for your customer. Use this solution as a way to entice your audience by showing them specific ways how your service or product makes their life easier.

4. How are Your Competitors Marketing?

Your customer acquisition decision is based on quality, therefore, they will choose the business that offers the most value for their money. View your competition to see how they are offering value to your audience so that you can meet or exceed these qualities.

5. How Do You Market for Mobile?

Over 60% of internet traffic comes through via mobile, this means that marketing should be tailored for this medium. Designing your app for a smartphone rather than a desktop may seem obvious but there are design elements that people miss. For example, text blocks should be short and fit on the screen.

6. How do You Choose the Right Mobile Marketing Platform?

Your marketing budget may affect which platform you use to market your app. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice tools that can promote your app because of budget constraints. Instead, choose a middle ground that allows you to personalize and share your app with a large audience.

7. How do You Know Your Marketing is Working?

A marketing platform should also help you see the results of your campaigns. For example, marketing analytics shows your open rates for push notifications and clicks, which will help you see which strategies work best.

8. What Marketing Channels Are Available?

App marketing strategies are unique because they allow you to do SMS as well as email and social media messaging. When someone downloads your app and they opt into these means of communication then you can build stronger relationships.

9. How do You Personalize Your App Marketing?

Personalization begins when you create a custom app. Then as your market, keep your audience in mind as you customize your branding and messaging to fit their goals, problems, and desires.

10. How do You Optimize Your App in the Marketplace?

Optimization for your app is similar to SEO for websites because you use keywords to reach the top of the marketplace search results. However, using strategies like voice search optimization helps you rank for long tail keywords that people wouldn’t type into a web browser.

Putting These App Marketing Questions to Use

These app marketing questions will help you at any stage of your app development. You can think about them while you are building your app in builder.ai as well as when your app is completed.

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