Tommy Shek’s childhood and early life

Tommy Shek is a name that is synonymous with classical music in Hong Kong. He has been a prominent figure in the music scene for decades, and his contributions to the industry have been nothing short of remarkable. However, not many people know about his early life and how he came to be one of the most respected musicians in the country. In this article, we will take a closer look at Tommy Shek’s childhood and early life, his journey into the world of music, and how he became the icon that he is today. Join me as we delve into the life of one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated musicians.

Tommy Shek’s early musical career

Tommy Shek’s passion for music began at a young age. Growing up in Hong Kong, he was exposed to a variety of musical genres and instruments. He started playing the piano at the age of six and quickly showed great talent. By the time he was ten, he had already won several local competitions.

As a teenager, Tommy Shek continued to pursue his love for music by joining various school bands and orchestras. He played multiple instruments including the violin, trumpet, and saxophone. His dedication to music paid off when he was accepted into the prestigious Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

During this time, Tommy Shek also began composing his own music. He experimented with different styles and techniques, drawing inspiration from classical composers as well as contemporary artists. It was clear that his early musical career had set him on a path towards greatness in the world of music.

Tommy Shek’s work with the Hong Kong Philharmonic

Tommy Shek’s passion for music led him to join the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in 1982 as a percussionist. He quickly became an integral part of the orchestra, and his talent and dedication were soon recognized by his peers and superiors. Over the years, he worked tirelessly to perfect his craft, constantly pushing himself to improve his skills.

During his time with the Hong Kong Philharmonic, Tommy Shek played an important role in many of their most memorable performances. His ability to bring out the best in every piece of music he played was truly remarkable, and it was this skill that helped him rise through the ranks of the orchestra. Eventually, he was appointed as Principal Percussionist, a position he held until 2000 when he decided to focus on his career as a composer. Despite leaving the orchestra, Tommy Shek’s legacy with the Hong Kong Philharmonic lives on to this day, and his contributions will always be remembered as some of the finest moments in the history of one of Asia’s most prestigious orchestras.

Tommy Shek’s work as a composer

Tommy Shek’s passion for music extended beyond his performance career, as he also made significant contributions as a composer. He began composing at a young age and continued to hone his craft throughout his life. His compositions were often inspired by his experiences and emotions, with many pieces reflecting the cultural heritage of Hong Kong.

Shek’s compositions ranged from solo works to large-scale orchestral pieces, showcasing his versatility as a composer. Some of his most notable works include “Hong Kong Impressions,” which features traditional Chinese instruments alongside Western orchestration, and “The Legend of Mulan,” an opera that tells the story of the legendary Chinese warrior.

Shek’s compositions have been performed by orchestras around the world, including the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic. His legacy as a composer continues to inspire future generations of musicians and composers alike.

Tommy Shek’s later life and work

Tommy Shek’s later life was marked by continued success and innovation in the world of music. He continued to compose and perform, collaborating with a wide range of musicians and artists. In addition to his work as a composer, he also became an influential teacher and mentor to many aspiring musicians.

Throughout his career, Tommy remained dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional music forms, incorporating elements from diverse cultures and genres into his compositions. His work was recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Hong Kong Arts Development Award for Best Composer.

Despite his many achievements, Tommy remained humble and committed to his craft until the end of his life. He passed away in 2018 at the age of 63, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire musicians around the world.


In conclusion, Tommy Shek’s childhood and early life played a significant role in shaping his career as a musician and composer. From a young age, he showed an immense passion for music that only grew stronger with time. His dedication to the craft led him to pursue formal training and eventually work with some of the most prestigious orchestras in the world. Throughout his career, he remained committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds, cementing his legacy as one of the most innovative composers of his time. Despite his untimely passing, Tommy Shek’s contributions to the world of music continue to inspire generations of musicians and fans alike.

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