Textsheet is an online repository of homework solutions for the students. The students can take many help from textsheet. It helps student in homework problems and textsheet has many other solutions for the students as well. It is very easy to use for its users. They love its simplicity and easy use. Textsheet provides free solutions for student. Textsheet does not require any type of charges. And textsheet is the most visited academic site on google  that helps the students.

Although in 2019, textsheet was shut down due to copyright act, but its alternative sites are available on google. Some of its alternative sites are discussed as an under:


As we know that the site Chegg files a copyright complaint against textsheet because chegg’s opinion was ‘textsheet copied their answers  and it should be shut down’. With the passage of time, Chegg become the best alternative of textsheet. That provide many contribution to students for their help in study.

Chegg provide millions of answer questions just for the sake of students in order to understand students in more simpler and easier way. Student does not need to go to academy for study problems because here is Chegg available on internet.


Here is Slader, that is also an alternative to textsheet. Slader is also an academic site for students. In order to save their students from difficult solutions. If we discuss chegg and slader, we got slader better and best site as compare to chegg. Because chegg might be confusing for students to find their answer but slader can find easily any answer searched by the student.

Textsheet is free and slader is also free site for students to use and find their solutions. If students can not beared any expenses, so they should go to slader that is a free site.

School Solver

Textsheet has also another best alternative and that is school solve. School solver provide answers to students like an expert. So there is no need to pay high charges in academies for study. You should go on google and just type school solver and all your worry gone. Because it is develop to help those student who do no pay high fee for their academic expenses.

School solver does not require high fee from students. If you want to took your answer, you should pay lite expense like only one dollar. And if you want to take you answer quick, you should pay little more dollars.

Course Hero

Textsheet has another alternative like course hero. Course hero is also an effective and best resource for the students for getting their solutions. Students does not confuse about using this site. It helps the students to complete their homework or assignments.

Course hero provide its service 24/7 for students in order to fulfill student’s requirements and solve their problems or answer their all types of questions. The procedure of asking a question on course hero is simpler and more easy. If you want to submit your question, go to the course hero page and submit your answer.

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