Technology and Motherhood: A Surprising Modern Alliance

Ways Modern Technology is Making Life Easier for Mom

If you’re a mom, you’ve got enough on your plate without having to lose half your day doing chores the old way. Vacuums and dishwashers save time and help you have greater peace of mind. How do you suppose they washed the outside of houses in the old day before hoses? They did it by hand, and it was a long, arduous, difficult process.

Well, just as appliances like hoses, vacuums, and dishwashers have freed up women, so also have new technological developments made life easier on mom than ever. We’ll explore a couple of those innovations here.

  1. Decentralized Infrastructure

1 out of 4 employees across the United States today works remotely. That means either they have a home office, or they can pack everything into a laptop bag and travel. Regardless, this infrastructural reality has freed up a lot of people, not least of which being mothers, who must be available for their newborns around the clock.

The internet, cloud computing, smartphones, and apps like Zoom have facilitated reliable, tangible, resilient at-home operational infrastructure, and if you’re a mom, or you’re thinking of becoming a mom, you should see what remote options are available at your present place of employment.

  1. Lactation Solutions

Sometimes you can’t feed your baby properly for one reason or another. Maybe you’ve got a clogged milk duct, or maybe your breasts just aren’t producing enough milk.

There are options that can help you from the comfort of your own home via telemedicine through Zoom and the like. For example, if you’re having trouble making milk, check out this resource for nursing mothers; it can help you stimulate milk production.

  1. IoT Devices

IoT stands for the “Internet of Things”. Essentially, this refers to devices that have been “plugged in” to the worldwide web via WiFi technology and the cloud. Now, you can fit a WiFi device on virtually anything that runs on electricity, and control that device from your phone.

For moms, baby monitor options through IoT are absolutely key. They can monitor vital signs, sounds, and even give you a visual on your baby remotely, so long as you have a smartphone with a strong connection to the internet. That’s a game-changer.

Motherhood is Tough, but New Tools Make it Easier

Decentralized infrastructure allows you to work from home and be a mother at the same time without sacrificing either the quality of your ability to mother your child, or your ability to produce what you need for work. Lactation solutions assure you’re able to nourish your baby when you need to, and IoT devices help you monitor your young one.

Modern technology doesn’t totally take over the duties of a mother, but they can support you in ways that were inconceivable even a few years ago, helping you handle the ups and downs of motherhood.

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