Rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-ats-seizes-drugs-worth-over-rs-350-crore-from-mundra-port 2023


Rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-ats-seizes-drugs-worth-over-rs-350-crore-from-mundra-port: The Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) recently seized a large cache of drugs valued at more than Rs. 350 crores from Mundra port in the state of Gujarat.

This is the latest in a series of large-scale drug seizures made by the ATS all over the country in the past few months. The ATS’s latest bust not only marks the largest drug seizure in Gujarat, but also one of the biggest in the history of the nation.

Overview of the Drug Bust at Mundra Port:

On July 23, 2020, the Gujarat ATS seized approximately 25,000 kgs of drugs from Mundra port in the state of Gujarat. This is the largest drug bust ever made by the team and has led to the apprehension of 10 individuals who were allegedly involved with the drugs.

The booty had an estimated worth of over Rs. 350 crores and consisted mainly of narcotics, including cocaine, ganja and opium.

The Gujarat ATS and its Role in Drug Seizure and Eradication:

This bust marks a major victory for the Gujarat ATS, which has been actively involved in cracking down on drug traffickers in the state. The ATS is the premier anti-terror squad of the state and has been working to fight terrorists and drug lords as well.

With its recent success in cracking down on drug traffickers, the Gujarat ATS has been successful in eradicating drugs from the state as well.

Impact of the Drug Bust on Drug Trafficking in the State and Country:

The drug seizure in Mundra port has had a major impact on drug trafficking in the state and country. This bust has sent a strong signal to drug traffickers that their activities will not be tolerated and that law enforcement teams are increasing their vigilance.

Furthermore, the success of the Gujarat ATS has also further strengthened their reputation as one of the best-equipped teams in the fight against drugs in the country.

The Lockdown Effect on Drug Seizures:

The drug seizure in Mundra port also highlights how effective the lockdowns imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic have been in helping law enforcement crack down on drug traffickers.

With the lockdowns, drug traffickers have had difficulties in their operations and have been unable to supply drugs to potential customers. This has resulted in a significant drop in drug seizures throughout the country and has made it difficult for them to continue their activities.

How Can Society Work Towards Eradicating Drug Abuse?

The success of the Gujarat ATS in busting drug traffickers establishes the importance of increased vigilance and awareness of drug abuse in society. In order to eradicate drug abuse in the nation, every citizen must take an active role in fighting drug abuse.

This includes creating awareness amongst fellow citizens, reporting suspicious activities to authorities, and providing assistance to drug addicts in order to help them overcome their addiction. Furthermore, parents must pay more attention to their children and be more involved in their activities in order to stop them from getting involved in drug activities.

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