New German Shepherd Checklist

New German Shepherd Checklist

Have you browsed through all the options and decided to bring home a German Shepherd? We think it is an amazing choice if you are looking for an adorable family dog that is also fiercely protective of its humans. However, a lot of people think choosing the right breed is where the task ends for them. On the contrary, it is just the beginning of a rather long journey. If you want to bring home a dog, you need to keep in mind that the comfort of your pet dog should be on the top of your priority list. And for that, you need to keep a checklist ready before you even consider bringing home a dog. In this article, we are going to talk about a checklist for new German Shepherd parents.

  • Collar

Collars are a must-have for your German Shepherd. In fact, in some states, a collar is a mandatory requirement for pet dogs since it is easier for the authorities to differentiate between pet dogs and stray dogs. These collars are often adjustable and can be perfect even after your dog grows in size. Nowadays, dog collars can also be personalized and you can get your number and address printed on the collar. Some people even have their dog’s name printed on the collar. However, that is something we will not recommend since it may make things easier for pet burglars.

  • Harness

Harnesses are just another alternative to collars. A lot of pet parents prefer using a harness while taking their dog out for a walk because it is more comfortable for the dog. It is also harder for dogs to slip out of a harness. And since we are talking about collars and harnesses, you should get a leash for your dog.

  • A Crate

People’s opinion about a dog crate seems to be divided. But we think it is an important accessory to own if you intend to bring home a German Shepherd puppy. A crate comes in handy during the early training days. Also, it is incredibly helpful if you want to take your dog to visit a pet. If your dog is familiar with the crate, he or she will be more comfortable when it is time to actually use it.

  • Dog bed

A good quality dog bed is essential for your German Shepherd. Not only does it ensure comfort and creates a space that is their own, but it is also effective when it comes to your dog’s health. A good quality bed offers proper support to your dog’s bones and muscles. And since German Shepherds are large dogs, a good quality bed is a must-have.

  • Toys

German Shepherds are one of the most energetic dog breeds ever. They tend to get bored very easily. And when bored, they tend to get destructive. This is where the toys come to your rescue. Your dog can play to its heart’s content and these toys also help with their motor skills and coordination.

  • Food

Dog food is what keeps your dog healthy apart from routine physical activity. This is why you should always make sure there is enough supply of dog food in your home. Pick the best quality possible for your German Shepherd.

  • Food and water bowls

Your dog should always have access to clean drinking water and good quality food. But the bowls you use to serve these things are equally important. Opting for stainless steel food and water bowls is always recommended since they are safer and easier to clean.

  • Portable water bottle

If you intend to take your dog out for a walk or to play, it is important to ensure that your dog is hydrated. It would be wise to invest in a portable water bottle.

  • Poo bags

A responsible pet parent will always pick up their dog’s poo. This is why you should always have a stick of poo bags since they make the easier. Poo bags are extremely cost-effective. And there is no harm in bulk-stocking them

  • A grooming kit

Regardless of how tough German Shepherds appear to be, they need some routine grooming too. This is why you need to buy a grooming kit that consists of products such as nail clippers, brushes, shampoo, conditioner, and so on.

  • Pet insurance

And lastly, you need to buy a pet insurance policy. This will help you with vet bills and other treatments. Investing in pet insurance is beneficial for you as well as the dog.

We hope this checklist proves useful.

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