How to make a Fake ID

As we all know, the legal drinking age in the United States is 21. However, for many young adults, this can be a frustrating and limiting restriction. This is where fake IDs come into play. With a fake ID, you can gain access to bars, clubs, and other age-restricted venues without having to wait until you turn 21. While obtaining a fake ID may seem like an easy solution to this problem, it is important to understand the risks and consequences that come with using one. In this article, we will explore the different types of fake IDs available, how to tell if a fake ID will scan, the penalties for having a fake ID, and how to get one.

The Different Types of Fake IDs

When it comes to creating a fake ID, there are several different types to consider. The most common type of fake ID is the driver’s license, which is often used by underage individuals looking to purchase alcohol or gain entry into bars and clubs. However, there are also fake IDs for other forms of identification such as passports, student IDs, and even military IDs.

Each type of fake ID requires a different level of skill and expertise to create. For example, creating a convincing passport will require more attention to detail than creating a basic driver’s license. Additionally, some types of fake IDs may be more difficult to obtain than others due to security measures put in place by the issuing authority.

It’s important for anyone considering obtaining a fake ID to carefully consider their options and choose the type that best fits their needs. It’s also crucial to remember that using a fake ID can have serious legal consequences, so it’s important to weigh the potential risks before making any decisions.

How to Tell if a Fake ID will Scan

When it comes to making a fake ID, one of the most important factors to consider is whether or not it will scan. A scanned ID can make all the difference in getting past bouncers and into bars or clubs. But how can you tell if your fake ID will scan?

First, it’s important to understand that scanning technology has come a long way in recent years. Many scanners are now able to detect even the most sophisticated fakes. That being said, there are still some things you can do to increase your chances of success.

One way to test your fake ID is by using an online barcode scanner. Simply upload a photo of your ID and see if the barcode scans properly. Keep in mind that this isn’t foolproof – some scanners may be more advanced than others – but it’s a good place to start.

Another option is to try using your fake ID at a self-checkout machine. These machines often have built-in scanners that can detect whether or not an ID is legitimate. If your fake ID passes this test, you may be in luck.

Ultimately, there’s no surefire way to know if your fake ID will scan until you try it out in the real world. However, taking steps like those mentioned above can help increase your chances of success and avoid potential legal consequences.

The penalties for having a Fake ID

Having a fake ID may seem like a harmless way to gain entry into bars or clubs, but the consequences of getting caught can be severe. Depending on the state you are in, possessing a fake ID can result in fines, community service, and even jail time. In addition to legal penalties, having a fake ID can also have long-term consequences such as difficulty obtaining employment or being denied admission to certain schools.

It’s important to remember that using a fake ID is not only illegal but also unethical. By using a fake ID, you are essentially lying about your age and deceiving others into serving alcohol to someone who is underage. This can put both yourself and others at risk for harm or injury. It’s always better to wait until you are of legal age to drink rather than risking the potential consequences of using a fake ID.

How to get a Fake ID

If you’re considering getting a fake ID, there are a few different routes you can take. The first and most obvious option is to make one yourself. This can be done using basic design software and a printer, but it’s important to note that creating a convincing fake ID requires some skill and attention to detail. You’ll need to choose the right font, use high-quality images, and ensure that the card looks legitimate.

Another option is to purchase a fake ID online. There are many websites that offer this service, but it’s important to do your research before making any purchases. Look for reviews from other customers and make sure the website has a secure payment system in place.

It’s also worth noting that getting caught with a fake ID can have serious consequences, including fines and even criminal charges. Before deciding to pursue this route, consider whether it’s worth the risk. Ultimately, the decision of how to get a fake ID is up to you – just be sure to weigh the potential risks carefully before taking any action.


In conclusion, while it may seem tempting to obtain a fake ID for various reasons, it is important to consider the potential consequences. Not only can you face legal penalties and fines, but you may also damage your reputation and future opportunities. It is crucial to weigh the risks versus the rewards before making any decisions. If you do choose to proceed with obtaining a fake ID, be sure to do thorough research and understand how to tell if it will scan properly. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to make responsible choices and consider the potential long-term effects of their actions.

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