How Old is Andrew Garfield?

Andrew Garfield is an acclaimed actor who has starred in a range of popular films such as The Social Network and The Amazing Spider-Man. But how old is he? This article explores the answer to that question and provides a brief overview of Garfield’s life and career.

Early Life and Career

Andrew Garfield was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 20, 1983. He began his acting career in 2007 and has since appeared in a variety of television shows and films. In 2008, he received his first major role in the film Lions for Lambs. He then had a role in the 2010 film The Social Network, which catapulted him to stardom.

Breakthrough Role in The Social Network

Garfield’s breakout role came in 2010 when he starred in the critically acclaimed film The Social Network. In the film, Garfield played the role of Eduardo Saverin, a Harvard undergrad and one of the co-founders of the social media giant Facebook. His performance in the film was praised by critics and audiences alike.

Lead Role in The Amazing Spider-Man

In 2012, Garfield took on the lead role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the remake of The Amazing Spider-Man. The film was a huge success and Garfield received praise for his portrayal of the iconic character. He then reprised his role in the 2014 sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


Since The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Garfield has continued to work steadily in both film and television. He has appeared in such films as Hacksaw Ridge and Breathe. As of 2020, Garfield is 36 years old.

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