Discover the Ketch 23m Series Krux

Ketch 23m Series Krux

If you’re looking for a classic and stylish sailing vessel, then look no further than the Ketch 23m Series Krux. This ketch-type yacht offers all of the best features, delivered in a classic sailing vessel style. From top of the line technology and equipment to advanced sailing systems and safety features, the Ketch 23m Series Krux is perfect for anyone who is passionate about sailing. Read on to learn more about this amazing yacht.

Overview of the Ketch 23m Series Krux

The Ketch 23m Series Krux is an outstanding sailing vessel and is considered one of the leading yachts in the market. It is a ketch-type hull, meaning it has two masts, one main and one head, which makes it more versatile than other sailboats. The Ketch 23m has a length of 23 metres and a beam of 4.90 metres. The interior and exterior were designed by British shipyard X-Yachts, who have been making quality yachts for over 30 years. The interior provides a luxurious space for up to eight people and can be customised depending on the preferences of the sailor. The exterior also retains the sleek and modern style that X-Yachts is known for. In other words, the Ketch 23m Series Krux is stylish, effective, and versatile.

The Classic Design

The Ketch 23m Series Krux combines the traditional classic sailing design with modern technology and comfort. Every aspect of the boat, from the hull to the deck and masts, has been designed and constructed to provide the utmost sailing power and control. The masts and sails are built using the highest quality materials, providing maximum performance and control in windy conditions. Every piece of equipment and hardware has been meticulously crafted and tested to ensure brilliance in all sailing conditions.

Top of the Line Technology and Equipment

The Ketch 23m Series Krux is fitted with the most exquisite sailing technology and equipment onboard, ensuring a safe and comfortable sailing experience. The yacht is outfitted with a variety of modern navigational systems and computers, autopilots, and safety systems. The boat also has a state-of-the-art electrical system and battery management system that safely powers the boat and all onboard systems. Additionally, the Ketch 23m Series Krux is equipped with a variety of luxury amenities that are designed to make your sailing experience unforgettable.

Advanced Sailing Systems

The Ketch 23m Series Krux is designed for advanced sailing and is equipped with the latest and greatest sailing systems. The yacht has a well-appointed sail wardrobe, allowing you to select the perfect sails for every condition. It also features a bow thruster and autopilot system, making it easier to control the boat in any situation. The Ketch also has a variety of lines, sheets, and winches to help you manage and trim the sails quickly and efficiently.

Safety Features

The Ketch 23m Series Krux is outfitted with a variety of safety features to ensure your safe sailing experience. The boat is fitted with self-draining cockpits and a low-level lighting system to make the boat visible to other vessels. Additionally, the boat is equipped with an alarm system and fire extinguishers, giving you peace of mind in case of any emergencies.


The Ketch 23m Series Krux is a great boat for taking a family out for a day on the water, and it’s a great way to enjoy a range of watersports. With its spacious deck, comfortable interior and impressive sailing capabilities, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a new boat. Whether you’re looking to simply relax and cruise or go out and enjoy some watersports, the Ketch 23m can get the job done while keeping you comfortable and safe.

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