This post lists some best free macOS apps to combine multiple PDF files into one. With these apps, you can merge various PDF files and create a final one that you can use anywhere you like. The MAC apps that I have added here simply take multiple PDF files and the combine them in to one single PDF file. During the merging process, you can even opt to change the order of the PDF files and then export the final merged PDF document to any location. Most of the apps like soda pdf that I have added here are open source and if you want to inspect their code or want to further extend them then you are free to do that.

Sometimes you have to merge PDF files for various reasons. If you want to have all your digital documents in a single file or while in office, you want to merge various reports in a single file then you need a merger tool for that. Mostly documents and reports use PDF format, so I have listed some free PDF merger apps for macOS here. You just run them, feed them the input PDF files you want to merge and then you are ready to go. Start the merging process and then get a merged PDF file in output that you are free to use wherever you need that.

Free Apps Combine Multiple PDF Files on macOS with These:


bindPDF is one of the best free MAC apps that you can use on your MBP or iMAC to quickly combine multiple files in one go. Here it offers a simple interface where you just drop your PDF files and then simply combine them into one file. During the merging process, you can opt to change the order of the files and this app offers you PDF preview as well. This is a dedicated app for macOS that allows you to merge PDF files and it is open source as well.

You can download this app from above link and the simply open it up. After that, you just need to allow it through the Mac’s security settings. Next, you just open it up and then add the PDF files that you want to merge. After ensuring the order is correct and you can even see the preview of the imported files too. In the end, hit the “Export” button to start the merging process and access the final PDF file that it will create for you.


PDFUtil is another simple app that you can use on your MAC to merge PDF files. Just like the above app, it comes with a simple interface where you can simply add the PDF files you want to merge and then you are done. It lets you change the order of the PDF files so you can merge them in the order you want. Once you arrange the PDF files, then you can easily merge them in just once click. Apart from just merging multiple PDF files, you can do some more things with this app such as disabling or enabling passwords.

You can clone the GitHub repositories on this PDF merging utility and then run the JAR file from the “dist” directory. Additionally, you will have to allow this app from MAC’s security settings because it’s came from an unregistered developer. When the interface of the app shows up, you can drag and drop the PDF files that you want to combine. Next, you use the up and down button to change their order in the final merged file. In the end, when you are ready, you can simply hit the merge button and get the final merged PDF file.


merge2pdf is actually a command line tool to merge PDF files. It takes names of PDF files as command line arguments and then saved the final PDF file. Here this is a cross-platform tool that you can run on any platform. There is very simple command to merge PDF files and take only a few seconds to use it. It is a simple and straightforward tool that anyone can though terminal of macOS to combine multiple PDF files with ease.

Getting started with this simple command line PDF merger is very simple. You can download the latest binary of the tool from above URL. After that, you extract it to some folder and then open terminal window there. Rename the file to something simple and then run the following command to make it executable and also see the syntax to sue this tool.

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