How to Select a Gas Pressure-Reducing Regulator?

Reducing Regulator 12

A pressure regulator helps to maintain or control the flow and pressure in a system. Today, they are commonly used in many applications. Because of this, it’s crucial to use the right proportion air regulator┬áthat can meet the requirements of the system and can perform well in certain conditions to fulfil the need of the user. The availability of too many pressure regulators has made the selection process difficult. Below we have listed some important factors that must be considered while choosing a gas pressure regulator: Type of Gas: This…

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Designing for Rubber moulding: Tips and Best Practices

Document and Track Design Changes

Rubber moulding has become an integral part of the industry due to its flexibility and affordability. As compared to other materials, moulded rubber parts offer more extensive design possibilities. This is where the silicone mould release agent comes into the picture. A silicone mould release agent is a type of liquid release agent that is applied to the surface of a mould to prevent the moulded product from sticking to the mould’s surface during the moulding process. Its strong, elastic material with a thermoset makes it ideal for producing moulded…

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