Best Toll-Free Number (1800) Service Providers in India

Service Providers in India

Toll-free numbers are very important for businesses as it gives the customers free access to call you whenever they wish to ask any query. This does not only help your customers have a better on your site but also gives an edge over the other competitor companies. A toll-free number is a valuable commercial resource that allows companies to expand with time. It enables clients to contact businesses in a simple and cost-free manner.

But selecting the best services for Indian toll-free numbers is a big challenge. If you are too caught in this dilemma, your search ends here. This post discusses the best toll-free number service providers in India.

1. Knowlarity

It is one of the best toll-free number service providers in India. This platform ensures that agents and consumers have a smooth interface for issue resolution, future promos, and events. Toll-free numbers help you promote your services and products effectively. You can directly increase the traffic and, resultantly, sales on your website.

Knowlarity’s toll-free number services provide you a variety of benefits, including increased lead conversion, brand recall value, customer satisfaction, generate business in new markets. It can further help you in tracking marketing campaigns and establish a 24*7 availability. Along with this, it offers a variety of exciting features such as IVR, call recording facility, and call routing.


In India, is one of the prominent providers of toll-free number services. Sarv’s services, including toll-free numbers and voice software, allow you to extend your business globally. It assists you in quickly establishing a call center.

Sarv’s toll-free number has great features and is ideal for all of your business requirements. With you can discover an effective approach to communicate with your customers and give them the free option to know more about your services.

3. OneRing

With simply a missed call, the OneRing telephony system may be used for contact, polling, and cellular authentication. You can use OneRing’s toll-free number for effective client interaction at different stages of your business.

This makes it simpler to communicate with the customers, which increases faith and credibility within your business’s processes. Missed layups may be a viable option for registering quickly on just this site. Also, it distinguishes the enrollment process again from the automated process.

4. Lead NXT

LeadNXT is a customized solution that integrates Internet telephone service, API, and Professional Obligation for today’s business landscape, when almost every unique prospect counts. LeadNXT will help you enhance overall advertising activities and can improve your company identity by providing a free and simple option for prospective clients to connect with, driving your company ahead. LeadNXT, the most innovative and competent supplier of Indian toll free number services, can assist with enhancing the appearance of any organization in a simple but effective manner.

5. MyOperator

MyOperator is a startup based in India. Their minimal telephone services are beneficial to small to medium-sized enterprises. MyOperator provides both a toll-free number and a comprehensive call control system. MyOperator is a cutting-edge virtualized customer support system that includes toll-free numbers, call monitoring, phone disguising, call routing, etc.

6. Exotel

You may customize corporate communication through telephone and texting using Exotel’s digital communication link. Amongst some of the solutions they provide are a virtual number, toll-free number, voice API, and automatic communications. Exotel’s Indian toll-free number serivce can assist you in developing a better corporate identity. Only after call routing parameters have indeed been established can one now put the number on the company website and advertising messages. Upon that, your users will be able to reach you completely free because you, not your consumers, will be liable for such call charges.

Choosing a toll-free number service provider can be a big reason as it can directly impact how things work in your organization. It is therefore important to make the decision wisely and choose carefully amongst the above best Indian toll-free number service providers. You must choose a provider that is more likely to fulfill all the needs and demands of your company or business.

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