7 Mobile Safety Risks that Might Ruin Your Fun in 2023

Mobile Safety Risks

Owning a mobile phone is a part of life for most of us now. Whether we are at home or work, we are always doing something on our phone. Some of us have subscribed to Spectrum Mobile plans for high-speed mobile Internet. It’s either because our job demands us to be available around the clock, or just a force of habit now. But this convenience comes at a price.

A smartphone is no doubt one great way of keeping your life organized but it can turn into wreaking havoc pretty soon. Along with security threats, it has the potential to affect our physical health a great deal. After reading the following 7 mobile safety risks related to health and security, you might not be using your phone in the same casual and fun way again:

#1: Tech Neck

We are all guilty of looking down at the screens of our phones all day long. This puts a lot of pressure on the neck and spine. It can even lead to a condition called tech neck. As your muscles become stiff because of the excessive usage of the phone. This results in neck and shoulder pain, soreness, and stiffness. So, yes your phone is causing all these pains you have been complaining about lately.

#2: Charging It near Your Pillow

Charging your phone near your bed in itself isn’t really harmful. What’s problematic is when it overheats. Once you drain or charge the battery of your phone, it releases heat. If it’s covered with cloth, the heat doesn’t get any room to escape. And an overheated phone can cause an accident anytime. So say “No” to this habit of charging your phone’s battery at night, especially near your pillow.

#3: It’s a House of Germs

Mobile phones don’t just carry important data, they are a house full of germs. The University of London carried out research which says 1 in 6 mobile phones are contaminated with some kind of fecal matter. And it’s probably that the owners themselves didn’t wash their hands after using the restroom.

Another research studied what kind of germs live on smartphones. It revealed that phones are contaminated with MRSA. It has the ability to cause skin infections leading to the formation of painful abscesses and harmful infections. You better develop a habit of cleaning your phone with bacterial wipes. Even wiping your device with a dry towel can dust off bacteria.

#4: Blue Light

Another one of our casual habits is to use our smartphone when all the lights are off (particularly when it’s time to sleep). Smartphones, TV screens, tablets, computers, and even lights release shorter wavelength blue light. This can have damaging effects on our health. Excessive exposure to the wavelength disrupts the circadian rhythms. The blue light interferes with our sleep patterns. It may also contribute to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other health conditions. Once it’s dark, you must minimize your exposure to unnecessary light. Don’t scroll on your phone for long after you lay on your bed to sleep.

#5: Changed Brain Structure

Playing games, texting, and calling simultaneously reduces your attention span. We like to call it multitasking. But multitasking isn’t really healthy. According to research, it can change the physical structure of your brain. The same research says that if you are involved in aggressive media multitasking, it will lower the density of the grey matter present inside the brain’s anterior cingulate cortex. This cortex is linked to reduced cognitive control and social and emotional recognition.

#6: Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

This risk pertains to tech but it’s a risk for sure. Who doesn’t like free Wi-Fi hotspots? But they are a gateway to make malware land on your device and capture your personal data (passwords, credit card info, and other PI information).

#7: Rouge Apps

If you like downloading a new app on your phone to try and test them out, you must stop. You never know if you are downloading Rouge apps. These apps can be available on any platform. Thanks to online reviews, it’s easier to spot them on Android with the help of user reviews. Beware because they contain malware. If installed, they send information from your phone to remote servers and uninstall themselves within minutes.

Summing Up

You might be aware of some of these risks but didn’t pay attention. It’s high time you stop using your mobile phone so carelessly. Be mindful just as you are mindful when choosing from Spectrum Cable Packages. It’s a matter of your health and personal information!

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